Fire Awareness Training

SFS's Fire Awareness course covers the role of staff in the event of a fire. It also gives you the opportunity to learn about the different types of fire extinguishers and how to use them correctly.

Who should attend?
All members of staff

The Fire Safety Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2010 No. 325 : PART 3: Training: Regulation 20; requires All staff to receive adequate fire safety training. This course is tailored to meet these requirements.

What you will learn?
The course will present an insight into fire regulations and general fire precautions.

* Fire safety legislation
* Action on discovering a fire
* Escape routes & evacuation
* The chemistry of fire
* How to use fire extinguishers.
* Fire safety measures within buildings

Course duration: approx 1.5 hours

Course date: Call our office Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm on +44 2837 531313 or email us at [email protected] to arrange a date that suits your business